Apollo Partners with Winrewards to Provide their Client with an Integrated Marketing Solution!

Apollo's client had two quantifiable business objectives:



Providing the Right Solution for their Client

Apollo was working with a large corporate in a highly competitive market place. Their client had a complex sales distribution channel including call centres, dealer stores and their own retail outlets. The client was running a nationwide consumer campaign using television, radio, in-store promotion and outdoor to boost sales over a six week period. Apollo wanted to partner with a company that had experience in providing an online solution capable of recognising and rewarding a nationwide distribution channel to help increase sales.

Flexibility was the Key

Apollo wanted a solution that could manage a complex array of sales data coming from call centres, dealer stores and the client's own retail outlets. Both Apollo and their client needed to have access to the sales data at any time. They needed to be able to view sales performance by sales person and by region.

Apollo Partnered with Winrewards

Apollo and Winrewards joined forces to deliver an Enterprise Recognition + Rewards Program to meet the client's objectives. Winrewards was able to take Apollo's concept and design and develop this into an online solution that:

1. communicated the campaign clearly to all channels

2. educated each individual channel on the client's products and campaign

3. allowed participants to claim rewards and provide fulfilment of the rewards

4. captured the sales data and automatically uploaded it, so up to date sales performance could be viewed

5. supplied web access to management reports

A Web-based Recognition and Rewards Program

The program was themed to tie in to the end user promotional activity. It resided on a secure web site accessible via a personal login and password.

To encourage an increase in sales revenue, participants were set five sales target levels. Once a target level was reached they could redeem a reward of their choice. The participant then climbed to the next level. At each level there was a different set of rewards, the higher the level the more valuable the rewards.

In addition participants were encouraged to log on every day to answer a trivia question, relevant to the products and services they were selling - if answered correctly they received bonus points.

Rewards ranged from luggage and BBQ tools to mountain bikes and deluxe patio heaters … plus the ultimate prize, a trip for two to the Gold Coast staying at the Palazzo Versace Hotel.

"The Winrewards Recognition + Rewards program was a great tool for communicating the promotion to our client's sales people. It was good to use a web based mechanism that they are familiar and comfortable with," says Jodi McAnulty, Apollo's Account Director.

Tying it all Together - End User Promotions and Channel Incentives

The beauty of a Winrewards program is that it helps reinforce the message of an end user, demand driven promotion. As Apollo's client had invested heavily in the consumer campaign it wanted to make sure that the sales channel was motivated and aware of the promotion to further increase sales.

Competitiveness Increases Sales

A leader board was used to encourage competitiveness between the sales staff. This helped increase sales volumes for Apollo's client.

Online Management Reporting

"The Winrewards program delivered above our expectations," says Jodi McAnulty, Apollo's Account Director. "I was amazed at its ability to manage the complex sales data in a simple fashion. It was great that both our client and Apollo could get online access to this data at anytime to view a participant's performance. The Winrewards program provided a good visual presentation of the data making it easy to see where each participant stood against targets."

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