Boise Bolsters Sales by Rewarding Top Performers

Boise had three quantifiable business objectives:

Boise Looked Outside for Recognition and Reward Experts

Boise needed to outsource to an organisation that could provide a flexible, tailored solution. It also needed a company that was capable of running the entire show from concept development, to program implementation, as well as delivering the final sales reward and taking care of all the administration.

Boise decided on a Winrewards program provided by TLC Marketing a Winrewards partner, "A company of people with passion who could think outside the square," says Michele Colligan, Boise's Remuneration Advisor. "They took time to understand our objectives and provided us with a variety of options."

Boise Island -
A Web-based Incentive Program Ending in Paradise

TLC worked with Boise to develop a Winrewards Recognition + Rewards program to motivate and enthuse the entire sales force. The main reward was a trip to Boise Island, an exclusive, five-star resort in Fiji.

The program aimed to align the behaviour of the sales people with the company's business plan and reward the top performers.

Web site Branded with Company's Identity

The program was hosted by Winrewards and was only accessible with a personal login and password. The site was themed with the Boise Island concept and reflected Boise corporate imagery.

Peer Pressure Put to Work

Once on the web site, participants could see exactly how they were placed against each other. "It was good to observe how you were tracking against the rest of the team, which introduced an element of peer pressure as participants strove to climb the leader board", said Boise's National Account Manager, Jocelyn Tennant.

Increased Sales - the Result of the Boise Island Program

Boise Island was a phenomenal success. Staff were motivated, behaviours were changed, top performers were rewarded and sales increased! The program provided Boise with measurable results!

Instant ROI

The Winrewards program provided measurability. "We could view individual participant's actual sales against targets by logging into our secure portal. Sales tracking could be viewed at the touch of a button whenever we wanted. It also had useful management reporting that we could use to see who was actively using the program" commented Michele Colligan, Boise's Remuneration Advisor.

Increased Motivation

When sales results were posted on the Boise Island web site, the sales people could see how they were doing against their targets. "This was very motivating" commented one of the sales people. By seeing exactly how actual sales tracked against targets, the sales people were focusing directly on their objectives, thus meeting a desired outcome of the program.

Time Saving

"So much time has been saved! We estimated that an in-house program would have required one full time person for three months to implement it and then for one week each month, for 12 months." It meant that no Boise staff had to send out sales results, organise teasers … or perform any administrative tasks.

Advantages of Outsourcing

"It was great to deal with one company for the whole program", said Michele Colligan, Boise's Remuneration Advisor. "They provided the complete solution including concept development, the Winrewards program, marketing, administration and rewards fulfilment. You don't need to deal with multiple suppliers as TLC does everything, so you can do what you do best - run your business."

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