DB Brews up Sales in a Declining Market by Rewarding its Channel

DB had three core business objectives:

DB Tapped into the Experts

DB needed to outsource its incentive program to a company that could develop a theme, build the system and supply and distribute the rewards to each outlet. TLC Marketing delivered a Winrewards Recognition + Rewards solution which gave DB all they required and more.

DB wanted something innovative. The solution had to grab the attention of the outlets. It had to cut through the multitude of promotional offers from competitors. At the same time it had to be simple, aspirational, impactful and sustainable.

Provided Regular Interaction with Outlets

DB required a program that would encourage interaction between DB and its outlets on a regular basis. Ongoing communication ensured that the Winrewards program was top of mind for the outlets and they were more likely to get behind it, increasing sales volumes.

Increased Range of Rewards Available

"We wanted to deal with a company that could source and distribute all the rewards for us, says Andrew White, DB's Northern Sales Manager. "In the past we could only offer limited rewards to the outlets because we didn't have the time to source prizes and administer the fulfilment of them." The Winrewards program could provide DB with a diverse range of rewards including electrical goods, home entertainment, whiteware and sporting equipment… the list was endless. This meant that rewards could be customised for each outlet depending on the individual's preference. Andrew adds, "If a bar owner liked to play golf we could add a set of Ping golf clubs to a rewards category. This meant that each participant felt that there was something worthwhile in the prize pool and would be motivated to sell more tap beer."

DB Tap Incentive - An Online Web-based Recognition and Rewards Program

The Winrewards solution enabled delivery of the DB Beer Points program, which rewarded sales growth for the top 140 outlets throughout New Zealand. The program gave key outlet influencers the opportunity to redeem prizes by achieving targets against the previous year's volumes.

All outlets were instantly rewarded by achieving stepped targets. Each time a participant reached a level they could choose one prize from the selection of rewards at that level.

Monthly prize draws were made for all outlets that achieved their target.

Web site Branded with Company's Identity

Winrewards hosted the program. Each outlet was assigned its own unique personal login and password ensuring security.

The site was themed with the DB Beer Points concept and reflected DB's corporate imagery.

Tying it all Together - End User Promotions and Channel Incentives

In addition to the DB Tap Incentive Program DB ran end user promotions to entice beer drinkers to buy its tap beer. The Winrewards program complimented these promotions by reinforcing them to the outlet management and staff.

Increased Sales in a Declining Market

DB's Tap Incentive Program was a huge success. It increased share in a declining market.

Several outlets achieved the 140% target on the previous year.

"It was a very cost effective exercise," says Andrew White, DB's Northern Sales Manager, who was pleasantly surprised at the minimal upfront software development costs. "A great thing about the DB Beer points program is that you only had to fund rewards for outlets that achieved their targets. This was more than offset by the extra revenue for DB As the rewards were outsourced we also had no money tied up in unclaimed prizes."

Online Management Reporting

The DB Tap Incentive program provided management with invaluable reports. Through the Winrewards backend mechanism DB had the ability to run various reports by different scenarios. A Regional Sales Manager could view how tap beer sales for each rep were going. Outlets could be ranked by sales and outlet type. “You could see the number of outlets that had signed onto the program so you could measure how keen certain outlets were.”

The reports were secure so that different people had different levels of access. A outlet could only see its own results. Whereas the Account Managers could see how all the outlets in their territory were ranked against each other.

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